EVE 304Ah and 280Ah arriving in Poland EU warehouse

2022-08-31 23:16:14 Deligreen 327

As the continuous increasingly need for energy in Europe, Deligreen team has done a lot to meet people's need in July and August when people in Europe were on summer vacation. Several batches of Lifepo4 batteries, EVE 304Ah, EVE 280Ah lf280k, will arrive in Poland in the week. The frequency to EU warehouse has doubled, at least 4 more batches are on the road and will reach Poland in weeks.

This way European clients can get batteries sooner. The average time from placing the order to getting the order has shorten at least 2.3 months. 

What's more, EVE 304Ah is always in limited stock in Chinese market. This time we save the quantity to send them directly to Europe, in the hope of helping more people in need of it.

Free shipping, fast delivery, and customs tax free to areas in EU, contact us for the availability.

Picture for reference. All are with welded stud terminal, easy to insatll.

EVE304 (3).jpg