8000pcs Yinlong LTO 35Ah to Netherlands

2022-07-28 10:37:51 Deligreen 1380

40’ Container 8000PCS Yinlong LTO 35Ah Cells Shipped to the Netherlands

This is a story about Deligreen and the biggest LTO cells importer. Please finish reading it to find the ending of the story!

The customer is from Europe, Netherlands. This is the first time for him to cooperate with Deligreen. He has had stable suppliers in China and purchased from China before. It's said that he is the biggest importer for the Yinlong LTO cells. According to the late research, they are indeed the biggest importer. Therefore, he knows Chinese lithium battery market very much. LTO 35Ah would be applied for building high voltage energy storage.

8000pcs LTO35Ah equal to 18 Pallets were loaded on 14th, July for a 40’ container. 



Before shipment, all of cells will be tested twice, one by one tested for twice.After the first capacity test, all of the cells will be placed still for days, during which technicians will observe the change of the cells.Several days later, the second test for volt and inner resistance begins.


Battery tested on the instrument, on which battery capacity test will last for 3 days.

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Each cell is labeled with the real capacity after double tests.


Video meeting with customer is a good choice. Now many customers cannot come to China, so video meeting is a good alternative for field trip.

Since there are so many batteries, the LTO client was worried about battery quality and other possible risks. We arranged a video meeting with him in time. Mandy, CEO of Deligreen paid highest attention to the cooperation. She took the 6-hour high speed train to our warehouse, and showed our warehouse, equipment, battery stocks,packages,testing procedures through the video meeting. Besides, both sides had a deep conversation about our business concept and enterprise values. After plenty of communications, the client felt released and smiled, “ I can have a good sleep now , He said. All relationship starts from "doubt" to "trust".

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Battery shipment safety should be consider seriously. The batteries cost high and belong to dangerous goods. Thus, professional package is very important during transport.

Customized battery packing box are used, each box holding 18pcs cells.

If there is any damage during transportation, it will be a great loss in economy and also dangerous for delivery. We are experienced in shipping these special batteries and ensure 100% safety. You can see how we do the package. Each cell is fixed firmly in the thick foam.

After one and a half months’efforts, all the 8000pcs of batteries are now on the way to Netherlands. We are expecting them to arrive there in 2months. We will keep you updated.

For LTO batteries,we have many other similar projects to share with you. 

Here are some feedback from other customers after they install and use them.


The second customer is from Australia who bought LTO cells and battery active balancers from us for his home power system--6KWH. He is very happy with the battery cells and active balancers, and wishes to expand to 18KW in the future.


The third customer is from French Polynesia who bought LTO battery cells from us every year.Besides, he also bought busbars from Deligreen. Customized aluminum row busbars is perfect for reselling and applied for the car audio system. “I am very satisfied with the result.” he said.

Attached below is one of picture for the customer and his team, he said his team was working hard, as well as Deligreen team,LOL.


Deligreen engaged in the green energy line for more than 12 years.“Customers comes first” is our mission; be honest, patient , fast response and offer professional solution are Deligreen’s guidelines.

Thank you for the trust and support, we wish our next cooperating.

If you have any questions or need LTO, Lifepo4, NCM batteries, welcome to contact and discuss with us. We will be glad to support you.

The story is still going on.

Looking forward to write a story with you. 

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