Go rafting vacation as we did

2022-07-25 10:26:39 Deligreen 675

As the last news introduced, the world is experiencing dangerous heat waves.

The heat wave has also overloaded the electricity system, posed fire risks and led to droughts in southern parts of China.

How can we live a cool and green life in such high temperature?

People in some countries are spending their summer vacation, while staff of Deligreen has also spent a 2-day relaxing company vacation in mountains


Go to stay in nature. Go rafting in a river ! Take a break and spend quality time with your family and friends. That’s what we did.

We have a beautiful time, impressive scenery, and 1.5 hours spent on the river really made us feel complete.

Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular activities in the world in summer. It is a true thrill, whether you are just taking the soft rapids or violent rapids that are hard to maneuver through.


Whitewater rafting is truly the thrill of a lifetime, and if you have never gone before, it is something that you should definitely plan to do in the near future.

Deligreen is always supplying green energy products to help people in the world to better live in through the dangerous heat waves and energy shortage.