Why lithium battery cost goes up

2022-09-02 10:27:50 Deligreen 422

LTO lithium raw material price,RMB 494000/Ton, USD 73731.3/Ton.

What's the meaning ? 1.77% increased from last day.

When purchasing lithium battery online, clients like to compare the final cost with that of several months ago or even a year ago.

The reality is since 2020, the cost for lithium battery has rapidly risen. 

The main point is the raw material rising. In a recent Chinese forum, a giant EV manufacturer claimed battery takes about 40% or even 60% of the whole EV cost. Humorously, he said he is working for CATL, the greatest and most famous battery manufacturer in China and the world. On the other hand, president of CATL, Mr. Zeng Yuqun denied the joke. Zeng said that's because the upper channel, raw material for lithium battery, has risen sharply. The cost makes a big difference in different part. EVentually, clients will get the battery at a higher and higher cost.

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