For China's 70th Anniversary

2019-09-30 17:18:10 Deligreen 102

10.1, 1949 is a historic day for China and the world.Most chinese people can memorize the exiciting moment in Tiananmen square.

70 years passed now. China has gained fruitful achievement. We are pround of our country.

if you know Chinese people, you will find they have some similar characteristics:

They are very hardworking, intelligent and warm-hearted.

Deligreen sales team made a video :"i and my motherland" to show our love to the country.

The best way of loving the country is to love your family, your colleague,your customers.

Only if we run each company well, the country will be stronger and better.

Wish the motherland better tomorrow.And wish more harmonious world!

Deligreen Power

If you are in China in Sep and Oct, you will see many China national flags everywhere,which becomes new wonderful view.


This is Deligreen sales team. from left to right: Lucky,April,Wendy,Mandy,Anna,Kelly.

Deligreen is a young team with 80's and 90's. They are a group of people with passion and story and dreams.

Mandy is a mother of 7 years old girl.She has over 12years working experience even though she looks very young.HAHA.

Mandy is the "captain" of Deligreen. Her's goal is to become a real "Principal Entrepreneur"

Anna was an english teacher before. She is good at singing and dancing and writing. Also is a good sales too.

Wendy likes to work late. She loves the job too much. Because of this Mandy warn her many times. please go to bed before 12:00.

Lucky is the youngest girl.She is a helper, who likes to help everyone everything. so kind-hearted!

April is the newest one.She joined Deligreen less than 2months. 

with sweet smile and delicate skin, she is like a sister in the group. Everone likes to take care of her.

Every late in night, she has many questions to ask in the wechate group. anyhow she is a quick learner.

Kelly is "multifunctional".She is very talktive and communicative and have a very good memory.


We will be on holiday from Oct1~6

if you have any questions please email us :

we will reply you within 12hours. Thanks for your understanding.