FAQ about QNBBM active battery balancer/module

2019-09-10 12:00:22 Labwater 1359

Q1:I have a BMS already, can i use the balancer?

    yes, sure. if you use the BMS and balancer together, that will be perfect.

    Most BMS are intelligent and can display battery information.

    but you might feel the balance performance is not satisfactory.

    Now adding the balancer will help you solve the problem.

Q2:What is power consumption of the balancer?

     the power consumption is very low,only 50mW.


Q3: if i don't use the batteries for a long time, should i disconnect the balancers?

     Normally if you don't use the batteries for 2~3 months,you need to recharge the batteries.this is necessary for battery maintenance.

     Since the balancer power consumption is low, it won't consumption much power from the battery.

      whether you need to disconnect them or not, depends on what capacity is your battery pack.

      for a 10AH and 100AH pack, the result is different.so you can contact us and tell us your situation in details.

      We will be glad to give you professional suggestion.

Q4: My battery is NiCD or other special battery. the nominal volt is only 1.2V.Can i also use your balancer?

      yes that is possible. 

       we have solutions. for example, we can use 1 pcs of balancers for two of your cells. 

       We have many customers who have such special batteries.The balancers prove to be working great as well.

Q5: What is application of your balancer?

       lithium battery, lead acid battery, super capacitor 

Q6: What is delivery time of your balancer?

      1~2 business days if in stock

       1~3 weeks for volume order 

Q7: What is the difference between 1S single balancer and 4S~8S balance module?How should i choose between them?

       Price is the same. All functions are the same.

       Differences: 1, Size and weight. Overall speaking, the module size is smaller and lighter than single balancer.

       2,Balance module use less wires for installation.

       3,when your pack is above 90V, we suggest you use balance modules. Below 90V, either is fine.

       but some  people prefer single balancer even for high battery pack. this is also no problem. so it is up to your needs.

Q8: After i installed the balancers,i heard a high-frequent voice ,is it normal?

       yes it is normal. 

Q9:Can the balancers cut off charging or discharging?Can your balancer display battery information like BMS?

      for the current standard products, no.

      if you need in a large quantity, we can customize  for your needs. 

      Balancing is the most important factor for a battery lifespan.

      when your batteries are very balanced, your battery will be safe. 

      this is more important than displaying battery information.

      Balancer is like the food which can keep people healthy and can prevent people get sick.

      While the BMS is like the hospital which just detect people and tell people where is wrong with you.