The Awesome Team Building Activity in Summer in China

2019-10-09 13:04:19 Deligreen 71

What is the best team activity during summer?

Let Deligreen team give you the answer.

After several months' hardworking, Deligreen team went out for relaxing.

On Aug 17, we went to "Dawei Mountain" which located in Liuyang, Hunan.

We experienced exciting canyon rafting there.

The river is narrow , water rushing with many large pebbles.

Frequent collisions, U-turns, and rotations were happening all the way.

It is like sitting in a bumpy car.

Sitting in the canyon, watching the forest along both sides.

It feels like we are travelling in a beautiful painting.

sometimes the kayaking move forward quiltely and slowly.

sometimes we fall down from a higher place.

The water pours into the boat and let us wet all round.

This is exactly the most scraring but exciting part.

we have many wonderful moments there.

See the waves around us!


See a super big smile on Alsa's face!


One of the happiest and coolest team in my heart!


We appreciate the precious time with our mates and babies.


"Work hard and love life" is one of the most important value of Deligreen's culture.

If you come to Hunan, we will be glad to be your guide and take you travel the most interesting places in Hunan.

Welcome to Hunan, our distiguished friends.