Türkey's government's support policies for solar energy

2023-08-25 10:31:56 Deligreen 606

Türkey's government's support policies for solar energy include the following aspects:

1,Solar subsidy plan: Türkiye government has implemented the solar energy industry development project, providing financial subsidies and tax incentives for projects using solar power to attract investors and promote the development of the solar energy industry.

2,Network scalping mechanism: Türkiye allows solar energy users to sell surplus electricity to the national grid, and enjoy buyback prices and other incentives.

3,Long term purchase agreement: Türkiye government encourages private enterprises to invest in the construction of large-scale solar power plants by signing a long-term purchase agreement (PPA). These agreements provide stable electricity prices and purchase guarantees, providing investors with predictable returns.


4,Tax relief: Türkiye government provides tax relief measures for solar equipment and its installation, including exemption of value-added tax, tariff and special consumption tax.


5,Support for R&D and innovation: Türkiye government provides financial support and incentive measures in solar energy technology research, development and innovation to promote further development and technology upgrading of the industry.

These policies (sorted by Deligreen Power ) are aimed at promoting the development of Türkiye's solar energy industry and reducing dependence on traditional energy to achieve sustainable energy transformation. 

Please note that specific policy details may be updated and changed, and we suggest you refer to Türkiye's Energy and Natural Resources Department for the latest information.