Energy Crisis like Last Year Will Happen Again?

2023-09-09 10:02:09 Deligreen 818

Do you think an energy crisis like last year will happen again?

What did you do to keep your own energy freedom?

What will you do this winter?

Deligreen noticed the news about energy:

Workers at Chevron and Woodside Energy Group's Australian plants have voted to strike. 

The strike may affect Australia's LNG exports and intensify the global competition for LNG. Australia is one of the world's largest LNG exporters.


After the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out in February last year, Europe significantly reduced its dependence on Russian natural gas and switched to importing large amounts of LNG. 

Data show that in 2022, the EU's LNG imports reached 101 million tons, an increase of 58% from 2021, which also made the EU the world's largest LNG buyer last year.

If supply is disrupted, Asian buyers may increase LNG imports from other regions, which will affect Europe.

LNG has become an essential component of Europe's natural gas supply mix, so any sign that there are risks to this flow will keep prices supported.

Natural gas prices were already under pressure after seasonal maintenance at some plants in Norway, Europe's largest natural gas exporter, took longer than expected.

The boss of German energy giant has previously warned that gas prices could rise this winter.

As time enters September, the EU's task of storing natural gas becomes more and more urgent. In June last year, the EU approved a regulation requiring member states' natural gas inventories to reach at least 80% of their gas storage capacity by November 2022 and 90% by November this year, and natural gas can be shared among member states.


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