EU law about selling cars emitting carbon dioxide

2023-03-31 20:54:49 Deligreen 128

on March 28 , the European Union approved a landmark law that would stop selling cars emitting carbon dioxide from 2035.

The previous policy was expected to stop selling internal-combustion engine vehicles in the European Union from 2035.

But in Germany it opposes this policy and demands an exemption from the use of only electronic fuels (also known as synthetic fuels, or gases or liquid fuels produced through renewable energy or decarbonized electricity, including electronic ethane, electronic kerosene and electronic ethanol.) After the new car, the European Commission pledged to open a legal way to continue selling e-fuel vehicles after 2035.

The current assessment suggests that electronic fuels are too expensive to be widely used. Although electronic fuels have not yet been mass-produced, Germany's exemption offers a potential lifeline for conventional vehicles.

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