Worst ever general strike in Germany affects shipping

2023-03-31 20:53:48 Deligreen 136

The "worst ever" general strike has erupted in Germany

Spread out to the global shipping industry

According to several media reports, the nationwide strike in the German transport industry began from midnight on March 27 local time, and railway stations, long-distance bus stations across Germany and most airports except Berlin airport stopped operations on the same day.

The impact of the traffic shutdown spread to the logistics field.

As navigators and container ships at large ports were also gone on strike, large ships cannot get in and out of Hamburg, and ships filled with containers had to drift on the sea, affecting the global shipping industry just like the grounding of the Suez River two years ago Jorgerkramer, chief economist at Commerzbank, estimated that direct losses from flight cancellations and port closures could be up to $181 million.

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