How DCDC Converter Works on EV?

2023-07-27 14:24:16 Deligreen 608

For pure electric vehicles, the DC-DC converter is equivalent to a generator for fuel-powered vehicles.

It can convert the high voltage direct current of electric vehicle power battery into 12V, 24V or 48V low voltage direct current, which can not only power the low voltage electrical equipment on the vehicle, but also charge the small battery of the vehicle. The DC-DC converter generates from a high-voltage battery pack of electric vehicles, input high-voltage DC power and output low-voltage DC power. 

If the high-voltage battery pack runs out, then the DC-DC converter will not work either.

DCDC working.png

It mainly provides sufficient power for the air conditioning system, multimedia system, lighting system and steering system of electric vehicles, and is a very important part of the vehicle. 

Because the voltage of the electric vehicle power battery is different from that of the electronic equipment, the DC-DC converter needs to be used for voltage conversion. 

Before 2017, the DC-DC converters were installed in electric vehicles as a standalone device. 


Later, with the continuous progress and development of technology, in 2018, DC-DC converter began to be integrated with the on-board charger, which saved the vehicle space and improved the conversion efficiency.

We Focus on the development of electric vehicle DC-DC converter, car charger OBC and other products. 

In 2017, the company successfully developed and mass-produced the vehicle power integration products for electric vehicles, becoming one of the first manufacturers in the industry to realize the integration of DC-DC converters, on-board chargers and other related components.

The product has strong competitiveness in the core indexes, such as power density, conversion efficiency, volume and weight, electromagnetic compatibility, safety and reliability.


ItemsModelOBC VoltageOBC output currentOBC output voltage RangeCooling MethodDCDC input voltage RangeDCDC output voltageDCDC output Max current 
3.3KWOBC+1KWDCCD-MF0172V40A  50V-100VAir cooling  50V-100V14V72A
CD-MF0396V32A70V-140VAir cooling74V-160V14V72A
CD-MF04144V23A100V-200VAir cooling103V-227V14V72A
CD-MF05312V10A200-450VAir cooling206-454V14V72A

3.3KWOBC+1.5KWDCCD-MWH01144V23A100V-200VWater cooling103V-227V14V110A
CD-MWH02312V10A200-450VWater cooling206-454V14V110A

6.6KWOBC+1.5KWDCCD-LF01144V46A100V-200VAir cooling103V-227V14V110A
CD-LF02312V20A200-450VAir cooling206-454V14V110A

6.6KWOBC+1.5KWDCCD-LW01144V46A100V-200VWater cooling103V-227V14V110A
CD-LW02312V20A200-450VWater cooling206-454V14V110A

6.6KWOBC+2KWDCCD-LWK02312V20A200-450VWater cooling206-454V14V145A