BMS the Brain for a Forklift

2023-08-02 13:45:15 Deligreen 411

What is a BMS (Battery Management System)?

A BMS is a system that manages lithium-ion battery packs through integrated firmware and hardware. 

When paired with telematics, it provides real-time data on the status and health of a forklift battery. 


Deligreen is offering such a special version of HV BMS (High Voltage BMS) to work with electric forklifts.

Lithium battery integrated BMS internal integrated BMS, charging relay, discharge relay, power supply, button, precharging, CAN communication, LCD, LED display, GPRS and other software and hardware functions.

Users only need to connect the battery voltage sampling line, power cable to complete the assembly of forklift lithium battery, simple and convenient. 

The product is stable and reliable, with more than 5000 sets of forklift lithium battery use.

Many forklifts are used round the clock with a simple battery swap. In this scenario, Deligreen HV BMS becomes indispensable to know when to swap the battery and which battery is ready for installation.

A typical battery management system usually consists of functions such as:

Fuel-gauge monitor

Cell voltage monitor

Cell voltage balancer

Temperature monitor

Each of these components plays a role in protecting a lithium-ion battery from many different issues that could arise.