How To Customize A Lithium Battery Pack Of Your Application

2021-02-22 23:16:11 Deligreen 48

Electrical power becomes one of the main energy in our life these years.

It has been taken couple of generations of battery,from Lead acid/VRLA battery to Lithium battery,which effects people's life.

Lithium battery is widely used in any applications



Solar storage




What if your battery break down or going to die?-You need to change the dead battery.

How to make a suitable battery pack for your application without electricity knowledge?You don't need DIY skill,Deligreen will help you

customize your battery pack.

You just need to know some basic spec of your battery and load of application.

Deligreen PowerBattery cell requirement form-Deligreen.xls

微信截图_20210222225919.pngYou will receive a requirement form from Deligreen,you can find this info from your battery label or your equipment.

such as battery type,LiFePO4 or NCM

cylindrical or prismatic

If you want a battery for your EV,you must know the CONTROLLER spec.

Deligreen can supply various battery pack for your application.