Happy Chinese New Year!Wonderful interesting Deligreen party!

2021-02-04 11:58:57 Deligreen 24

To Chinese,Spring festival is the start of a year.2021 is the year of OX.

Sincerely wish you are as strong as OX,prosper as the bull in Wall street.


                              picture source from internet

In last unforgettable 2020,most of people was impacted by the suddenly showed up epidemic covid-19.Deligreen meeted the unprecedented challenge.

Under such presure,fortunately we are in an industy with good future,and we still keep going forward.

In 2020,we have growed 33.3% in sales,we wouldn't have this achievement without your trust and support.We are keeping improving our service and supplying

the best quality produts to our partners.

Wish all of Deligreen's friends Happy new year!


Deligreen is a family with happiness and love.To pay back the hard-work in 2020,we had a great annual party in a villa.

Interesing games and lottery of prize.



Looking forward to a brighter 2021.Keep Going!