Feedback from one of US Client--CATL LFP Battery 202ah

2020-11-12 15:05:23 Deligreen 161

CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011.

It is one of the first domestic power battery manufacturers with international competitiveness.

It focuses on the research and development, production and sales of new energy vehicle power battery systems and energy storage systems,

and is committed to Global new energy applications provide first-class solutions.

The core technology includes the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of the entire industry chain in the field of power and energy storage batteries, materials, batteries, battery systems, and battery recycling and secondary utilization.

Here is a client sent us his installation, he bought 40pcs CATL 202ah lifepo4 battery cell, BMS, active balancer.

These lithium ion battery will replacement of AGM and GEL battery on their vessel.

On his mail said: " Thanks to the smaller size of the lifepo4 cells can fit 2x the ah in the same space,

                             takes just 1/3 the space of the GEL batteries for more power"

Eaxctly yes, small size, less weight is one of lithium ion battery advantage.

More and more people choose lithium ion battery to replacement the lead acid battery, for longer use.


This is client install picture.

Below is 400ah for sevaral pictures:

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

And here pictures if foe 1200ah, each DIY battery pack used Deligreen BMS and active balancer

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

Advantages of lithium ion battery:

  1. small size, less weight

  2. life cycle more than 3000 times

  3. higher energy denisty 

  4. green energy