Deligreen New Design Smart Bluetooth LiFePO4 Battery BMS Shipped to Davao, Philippines

2020-10-20 10:25:28 Deligreen 369

We delivery 13 PCS Deligreen new smart Bluetooth BMS + usual passive BMS to this client.

He is a doctor, worked in Middle East. This is his third order from our Alibaba Shop.

The first time he sent us inquiry said: Deligreen bms is very hot sale in Philippines, his salary only 2000 USD each month, but he want to try to be our agent in Philippines sell Deligreen products.


4S 100A with Bluetooth: 4pcs

8S 100A with Bluetooth: 2pcs

8S 200A with Bluetooth: 2pcs

16S 100A with Bluetooth: 3pcs

20S 100A with Bluetooth: 2pcs

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Smrt BMS with Bluetooth support connect in Andriod/iphone phones, can monitor each cells situation.

Such as voltage, capacity, temperature.......

BMS main functions:

  1. over charge  protection

  2. over discharge protection

   3.  over current protection

   4. over voltage protection

   5. short circut protection

   6. temperature sensor/control protection


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