How to test the BMS is faulty or not?

2020-07-19 20:34:38 Deligreen 7126

BMS is an essential part of  the power system. 

if you have any problem with the system, finding out what is the real cause of the sytem is the key to solve the problem.

You feel the BMS has problem. Is it just a feeling ? A wrong judgement will lead you to the wrong direction.

And it will be a waste of your time and money even though you get a new replacement.

Why not verify it? Just squeeze several minutes to do the testing patiently.

it is simple. Only three steps will let you find the truth:

Here is the instruction of test methods:
1  connect all the wires.  


2 Measure the white pin of the BMS terminal. if the volt =the real volt of the cell,the bms is fine 



3 short connect P-and B- with black and red probe of multi meter. Zero=Bms is fine. nothing wrong. 


That's all for the procedures of testing the BMS is fine or not.(Photos above are real shot)

in other words, here is another photo to show you the three steps.You can use either way as you like :