How Russia Ukraine War could impact the battery business?

2022-03-08 09:30:07 Deligreen 1085

How Russia Ukraine War could impact the battery business?

Everyone is dreaming of peace but this day still come. The war between Russia and Ukraine breaks the peace of the world. 

Under the global economical times,it is no doubt the whole world would be affected by the war.

 How would the war impact our business and our life ? 

1,the currency exchange rate fluctuate.In China the USD-RMB exchange rate has dropped below 6.3. 

This is the lowest point ever since. It could drive up price for everyday Russians or cause Russia’s currency to crash.

 For Chinese suppliers, the lower exchange rate means the profit is decreased. 

For importers, it means the cost will go up. 

2,Raw material prices go higher sharply. The petrol, gas,golden prices have all jumped much higher quickly.

Russia has occupied 6% of the aluminum production capability in the world;

7% of the nickel.if the war is going on, the prices will keep on rising.

it will aggravate the pressure of the inflation further. So the trend of the batteries is hard to go down.

from other side, the rising cost of petrol would positively impact the batteries market.

3, Logistic which pass by Russia or Ukraine is more risky.

So we suggest all seller and buyers pay more attention to the routines and adjust reasonable 

and safe routines according to the latest situation.

4, Challenge and chance are always side by side.

Russia is a major exporter of oil and natural gas,especially to Europe.As a result, 

officials have reported shied away from severe sanctions on Russian energy exports.

Behind the severe energy crisis, what else are you thinking of? 

Batteries seems more and more important for the people of the world. When there is too limited oil, we have battery powered vehicles.

When there is too expensive gas for home usage, we have battery powered solar system. 

In front of the unstable world, as a common citizen,we can’t change the situation.

But let’s pray: the war comes to an end sooner. Let the soldiers go home.

Be optimistic ,be brave . Keeping smiling and never give up.

Believe or not, the worst time is also the best time. 

A story during the hard times of COVID 19

Maybe you still remember the hard times of COVID 2019. 

People in the world were terrified by the virus. Companies and school are closed. 

Many companies started to fire staff and do nothing but wait and see. While there are a small part of people were thinking differently. 

A friend of mine sent a large quantity of goods to US and EU warehouse. This brave action drove her a big success.

She saw “business chances” while other people can only see “disaster ”.


So only if we think differently, we can see a different world .

Be positive and grateful to the life no matter how hard the life is.