7 Precautions for Use of Lithium Battery

2022-03-06 15:26:22 Deligreen 1069

7 Precautions for use of lithium battery


  1. Temperature: generally, the discharge temperature of lithium iron is - 20-50 ℃,

    and the charging temperature is 0-45 ℃.

    It cannot be charged below 0 ℃ (some low temperature resistant ones can be charged at - 10 ℃,

    but the charging current is generally 0.1C)

    NCM battery the discharge temperature of ternary is - 30-50 ℃, and the charging temperature is - 10-50 ℃.

2. Do not overcharge or discharge. Overcharge will easily lead to battery bulging. 

Over discharge of the battery will lead to the collapse of the internal negative structure of the battery and irreversible damage of the battery,

 such as large internal resistance, easy heating, rapid decline of capacity, bulging and deformation, etc. 

Be sure to work within the specified voltage of the battery.

 If the battery is not used for a long time, be sure to keep more than half of the power of the battery and check it regularly 

(because individual cells may have excessive self discharge, which will deplete the power faster than other cells. 

In case of power loss, the condition of cells will deteriorate and the whole battery will be dragged down).

3. It is not suitable for continuous, high rate and long-time discharge. 

Although some batteries have good performance and can discharge at 3C, 5C or even 10C, 

due to the limitation of environment and connection mode, it is best not to continue...

Continuous high rate discharge will lead to the internal temperature rise of the battery and the heating of the connection. 

Once the heat dissipation is poor, the battery may bulge, damage the battery and greatly shorten the service life of the battery. 

It is better to discharge within 1C. If necessary, a cooling fan should be installed.

4. The batteries shall be insulated (because the aluminum shell of the battery is generally charged), 

and the pole shall be protected to avoid accidental short circuit, which may cause fire or even deflagration.

5. Fix the battery to avoid looseness and do a good job of shockproof. Seal well to prevent water from entering.

6. Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight.

7. Balance well to avoid barrel effect of long-term battery use. 

(when the iron lithium is above 3.4V and the ternary lithium is above 4.16, it can be regarded as full. 

When the whole set of batteries is full and individual cells are insufficient, please extend the charging time appropriately 

and let the protection board evenly charge the cells.

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