Charger Faults & Solution&Warranty

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                          Charger Faults & Solution& Warranty

If your charger can't work correctly, you can refer to Led indicator (On Maual)/extra testing tips stated below ,

If need engineer advises, contact with us directly and sending your "charger label QR code " /charger working status vedio "/ evidences

 Fault Phenomenon
Battery Temp Sensor
External battery temperature sensor is fault or not connected
Check sensor or change a new one
Battery Not connected
Battery is not connected or reverse connected
Check and connect the battery correctly
Over-Temperature Protection
Charging Environment temp is too high ;cooling fan is fault ,air vents are obstructed

Place the charger in lower temp and enviroments and recharges;

Check whether cooling Fan is fault and air vents are obstructed

Input Fault Protection
Poor Contact of Charger's input side, charger is broken
If no poor contact phenomenon occurs, please contact us
Charging Timeout
Battery is damages or aging
Check and replace the battery
Battery Overheating
Battery is damages or agingCheck and replace the battery
Pre-charge timeout
Battery is damages or agingCheck and replace the battery
Internal Temp snesor fault
Charger is broken inside
Please contact us
Output Voltage Feedbacks Fault
Charger is broken inside
Please contact us
"Full power"after short charging
Battery is broken,Poor contact between charger and battery
Check whether the battery is damaged , battery connecting cables are firm,battery full charged for all cells
Battery Temp becomes more than 50 degree and produced a lot of bubbles
Battery is aging, Battery volt is lower than nominal of the charger
Check the battery ,replace bad cells ,reselected charger that match battery voltage level
Low Battery capacity after fully charging
Battery is aging
Replace the battery
Cable are too long /too thin between charger and battery
Resume the output cable back to initial state
Charging too short or too long
Bettery is aging
Replace the battery
Charger overheating protection
Check if there are foreign matters around the FAN and remove them
Check whether the colling fan is working correctly ,or contact us to replace the FAN
LED indicator light but no charging
Connectors are not connected firmly, or the polarity is reversed ,battery is disconnected
Connect all connectors correctly and recharge
Battery is broken
Replace the battery
LED indiactor doesn't light
AC Input is not connected firmly
Check AC power supply and charger's input cable
Charger is broken inside
Please contact us

Warranty Method :

If the charger has quality problems, you can change a new one within two months, and can
be repaired within one year free of charge. If the fault is caused by follow reasons, it cannot be
repaired free of charge:

(1) Damage caused by illegal operation.
(2) Without authorization, open the shell or repair, lead to damage.
(3) Damage caused by improper transportation, such as knocking, collision, or falling.
(4) Damage caused by water inlet, immersion, damp or other irresistible natural calamities.
(5) Damage caused by instantaneous over voltage in power grid (25% higher than Rated
input voltage).
(6) Damage caused by pulling input or output cable seriously.

For better services please follow attentions below:

(1) In warranty period, if faults occur in condition that all operations are according to user‟s
manual, we will replace or repair free of charge.(shipping fee not included)
(2) Warranty period and maintenance mode:From date of purchase within 12 month, free of
charge to repair. Users need to pay for reparation beyond warranty period.

(3) If faults happen within warranty period in follow cases, cost of material and service need
be paid appropriately:

A.Can't prove we are the supplier of your charger
B.Fault caused by improper operation.
C.Fault caused by improper safekeeping and maintenance.
D.Damages cause by accident or disaster, such as natural disaster, war, or lightning strike.

(4) Out of warranty period, users need to pay for cost of material and service

In summary : When u received our goods ,please have a try at first , even projects wasn't ready

Cuz that's small action will protects your rights (less worries /lost in near future)

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