Customer Notice (Very important!!!)

2020-10-13 11:28:03 Deligreen 375

Deligreen Legal Account and One Tip that You Must Aware During Purchasing

Dear all customers, please spend two minutes to read through this post carefully which is very helpful to your business!

Let's start a real story happened to my friend's client.

My friend's company called "A".The client John is from Europe.

They are talking about business via email. They are friends many years.

My friend Lily sent him a PI. John said OK i will pay you.

Lily has waited for several days but payment hasn't arrived.

Lily ask him via wechat several times.John finally sent bank slip after he had paid for 5~6days.

To Lily's surprise the bank account is completely different.

Someone has changed the PI . John was cheated by a hacker.

The hacker imitate everything between the email of John and Lily.Everything is the same but bank information.

So the cheater stolen the money so easy! It is very hard to  get the money back!

Before making payment,please double check the following:

1, bank information

2, email sender (the cheater sent email to John with a different email ID 

but he was unware of it.and sometimes the email is the same or very similar)

3,Please keep close contact with your supplier.if anything suspicious, you can call them not just through emails.

Please be careful when you meet similar situation.

We don't acknowledge any other account without our confirmation.

Having awareness of potential risks is essential and common sense for international purchasing.

No matter you deal with Deligreen or other company,we hope you pay more attention and make sure your fund is safe.

Fund safety comes first. Choosing a reliable supplier comes first!

Don't "penny wise and pound foolish"

Here are our legal account as below:


Account name:Changsha Deligreen Power Co.,ltd


Account No.:7319 0643 0232 606 (this account can only be paid USD)

or                 731906430210101(This account can be paid USD/EURO both)




SWIFT/BIC: DHBKHKHH (DHBKHKHHXXX * If 11 characters are required)

Account Number: 79969279029

Account Name: XT-Changsha Deligreen Power Co.,ltd

Bank Name: DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited Bank 


Western Union


RMB account

if you pay RMB,please add the following wechat /whatsapp for confirmation:

Wechat: Deligreen01


Online transfer

We have aliexpress and alibaba store both. Deligreen/QNBBM are both our legal store.That is the safe way of payment too.

Kind reminding

Fund safety comes first. Choosing a reliable supplier comes first!

Don't "penny wise and pound foolish"