Deligreen 10th Anniversary Party 2010~2020

2020-02-29 12:24:36 Deligreen 79

Deligreen 10th Anniversary Party 2010~2020

On Jan17 of 2020,Deligreen held 10th Anniversay Party.

All staff and family member attended the party.

Mandy Chou,CEO of Deligreen delivered a speech, with topic of "the Fast & Furious"

This topic sound interesting since it is the same name with a famous film.

Mandy told the story of how Deligreen develop.

If you are interested in knowing the story you can contact Mandy freely.

Now let's go to see our party.All the performers are from Deligreen.

Mandy's speech full of passion and power. She is always like a light,give people hope and direction.

Deligreen Power

Model show

Chinese style "Qipao" Do you like ?


Young ladies dancing

it is the result of one month's practise 

Practise makes perfect!

Deligreen Power

Playing games:Come on gentlemen!

Deligreen Power

Group photo:  "Cheese" "Cheese"

Happy ending with a song of "Thanks for being with us"