Thundersky Winston LiFeYPO4 Battery 1000AHC(A)

Product specifiactionsModel: WB-LY1000AHC(A)Nominal Capacity: 1000AHOperating Voltage:  2.8V~4.0VWeight:3.3kg±100gDimensions:143x67×218(mm)

Product specifiactions

Model: WB-LY1000AHC(A)

Nominal Capacity: 1000AH

Operating Voltage:  2.8V4.0V



Recommended initial and subsequent charging is to 3.8V 

The minimum voltage is 2.7 V. 

Maximum discharge current is 3C continously. 

Operating temperature -45°C up to 85°C (discharging)

Energy density is 71.5 Wh/kg

These battery cells are suitable for all traction applications including electric vehicles. 

Fully complies also for stationary applications - such as energy storage. 

There is no Selfdischarging effect. 

Can be recharged at any state of discharge - no memory effect 

LiFePO4 is a very safe technology, not spontaneous combustion, does not react with moisture or with oxygen. 

All cells are supplied new directly from the manufacturer.

Original Woodenbox contains 2 cells is 683*365*510mm large and weights 85kg.