2-24S 10A Battery Active Equalizer

The battery active equalizer (JK-B10A24S) is a balanced management system tailored for large-capacity series lithium battery packs.Main Specifications◆ Support 2-24 strings of battery packs; ◆ Re

The battery active equalizer (JK-B10A24S) is a balanced management system tailored for large-capacity series lithium battery packs.

Main Specifications

◆ Support 2-24 strings of battery packs; 

◆ Real-time, active, energy transfer equalization, after reaching equilibrium, the voltage difference between single cells is ≤ 3mV; Lithium, lead-acid, super capacitor and other battery types; 

◆ Independent setting within the range of 10A equalizing current, independent of single battery voltage difference; 

◆ Support equalizing cascade, suitable for more than 24 series battery packs, theoretically infinite cascade ; 

◆ Bluetooth communication function, equipped with APP, real-time viewing of battery status; 

◆ Balanced line resistance detection, early detection of abnormal poor contact; 

◆ Collection line and balance are independent to avoid the impact of large balance current on collection during balance; 

◆ Power supply range: 40V ~100V; 

◆ Low voltage shutdown function to prevent battery damage.

 Environmental conditions of use

a) Operating temperature range: -20℃~70℃;

b) Power requirements: 40~100V, can use battery self-powered or external power supply.

c) Power consumption: balanced state 10mA@100V, unbalanced state 6mA@100V.

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The equalizer uses super capacitors as the medium to realize active energy transfer equalization.

The equalizer is suitable for battery packs of 2 to 24 strings, with voltage acquisition and equalization functions. When the equalizer works, it transfers energy with a continuous 2A equalizing current, which does not depend on the voltage difference of the series-connected cells in the battery pack. 

Voltage acquisition range 1V~5V, accuracy ±3mV. It can be applied to all types of batteries on the market such as lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, titanic acid, and lithium lead acid.

The equalizer has Bluetooth communication function and is equipped with mobile APP software. You can connect the equalizer via Bluetooth to check the voltage of the single battery, check the balance status, and modify the setting parameters. It can be used in battery packs of small sightseeing cars, scooters, shared cars, high-power energy storage, base station backup power, solar power stations, etc. It can also be used in battery balance maintenance, repair and other occasions.

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