GridTied AC Inverter Limiter 2kW SUN-2000G

GridTied AC Inverter With Limiter 2kW SUN-2000G (45-90V)   GridTied inverter with Limiter with output power 1800W, works with input voltage range 45-90 Vdc.Product descriptionThe SUN 2000 VA

GridTied AC Inverter With Limiter 2kW SUN-2000G (45-90V)

   GridTied inverter with Limiter with output power 1800W, works with input voltage range 45-90 Vdc.

Product description

The SUN 2000 VA grid tied inverters with limiter (GTIL) work on their AC output only with the support of el. 230V grid. PV panels or a battery in the appropriate voltage range can be connected to the DC input of the inverter. An internal limiter for power anti-overflows to the grid is included. All necessary data and parameters can be monitored and set on the built-in display.

The SUN 2000 inverter with the external accessories listed in the documentation meets the requirements for parallel connection to the grid (RfG).

The most common use is to reduce consumption from the distribution network by connecting the inverter anywhere between the distribution network and the point of consumption (Figure 1)


In the case of using a battery and a limiter, the energy obtained from the sun can be used even when it is not shining. If the energy produced is not enough for the current consumption, the remaining part is automatically supplemented by the grid. Without a limiter, the system can operate as a power plant supplying the distribution grid (Figure 2)


Inverters can also be used to increase the available power in i off grid systems, e.g. in combination with Victron inverters, in AC coupling mode (pairing with the AC output of the inverter instead of the distribution grid).

Application - Three-phase system without battery

In the case of the use of limiters, it is a system without overflows to the distribution network. Without limiters, it is a generation system (PV plant) with the possibility of selling surplus electricity.

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Application - Single-phase or three-phase system with battery and limiter

Due to the possible accumulation, it is particularly suitable for the use of all generated electricity for own consumption.

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Application - AC coupling with hybrid or island inverter

If an AC mains independent inverter is designed for AC coupling (e.g. VE Multiplus), it is possible to connect the SUN inverter with limiter to its AC output. Its output thus does not affect the Multiplus' own mode (AC way of battery charging), but the overall output power is boosted. The power of the SUN inverter in AC coupling must be less than the power of the grid one to which it is connected. Charging the battery via the AC path through the Multiplus (from its input or output side) is only possible after the addition of other protection or communication elements or functions and their correct setting.

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Application - RFG compliance

GF-SUN-1000G2, GF-SUN-2000G2-T, GF-SUN-1000G2H and GF-SUN-2000G2 products with additional accessories meet the requirements of the Commission Regulation EU 2016/631 (RfG NC).

(Requirements can be specified according to regional distribution grids)

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The interruption of power supply from the production module is ensured by contactor KM1, which is switched by connecting the N wire to its coil from the distributor control device. Connecting the N wire switches on the contactor and disconnects the production module from the distribution network via its power NC contact.

The delayed connection of the production module after a mains failure is ensured by the time relay KA1. After a loss of mains voltage, the relay KA1 galvanically disconnects the production module from the distribution network (breakdown point KM1). When the voltage is restored, relay KA1 reconnects the production module after a set time.