3.2V 150Ah 160Ah 162Ah 170Ah EVE lifepo4

Aluminum shell lithium iron phosphate power batteryBrand: EVECapacity: 162Ah  (Real capacity can be over 170Ah )Rated voltage : 3.2VType: EV POWER LiFePO4 batteryAppication:EV and storage


Aluminum shell lithium iron phosphate power battery

Brand: EVE

Capacity: 162Ah  (Real capacity can be over 170Ah )

Rated voltage : 3.2V

Type: EV POWER LiFePO4 battery

Appication:This product is suitable for vehicle power systems and energy storage systems.


width  280±0.3mm 

thickness  60±0.5mm 

Height (total height)  100±0.5mm 

H1 Height (body height) 85±0.5mm

* When you are looking for 3.2V 150Ah-170Ah, we would like to recommend this type.


The pole is a double aluminum pole structure, M4 internal thread, the pole torsion resistance is 8Nm, 

the torque should be less than 8Nm when in use, and the effective threaded hole depth is 6mm. 

It is recommended to use laser welding for connection.

* All of the batteries supplied by Deligreen are with welded pole terminals, with compatiable connectors.

Batteries should be packed in boxes for transportation in a half-charged state. 

During transportation, they should be protected from severe vibration, impact or squeezing, and protected from sun and rain. 

They are suitable for transportation by vehicles, trains, ships, airplanes and other transportation vehicles.

Thebattery shouldbe stored(more than1month)in a clean,dry and ventilated room with an ambient temperature of 0°Cto35°C.

Contact with corrosive substances should be avoided, andfire andheat sources should be kept away.

The battery is charged and discharged every 6months, and the storage voltage is 3.0~3.3V(30~50%SOC).