Type 2 Plug EV Side 62196-2 EV Connector

62196-2 Type 2 EV Charging plug/ Cable length 1M~10M available/ Print your logo MOQ 20pcs only

Brief Introduction

The IEC62196 Type 2 Charging cable with plug is compatible with models from brands such as BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche,
Volvo, Tesla and even Renault. It is one of the most popular connectors in terms of electric vehicles.

Mechanical Properties
Mechanical life
no-load plug> 10000
Insertion force:
Impact of external force
can afford 1m drop and 2t vehicle run over pressure
Electrical Performance of Type 2 EV Charging Cable
The rated current
The rated voltage
Insulation resistance
> 1000MΩ (DC500V)
Pins temperature rise
Withstand voltage
Contact impedance
0.5mΩ Max

OEM is welcome

Orange/white/grey/black/green etc.




Q: Which amp of EV connectors do you have?

A: 16A /32V/40A/50A/63A

Q: What cable length can you offer?

A:1M~10M all are available. 5M is the most popular length.

Q:  Do you have  three phase EV cable?
A:  Yes single phase and three phase both are available
Q:  Can i print my own logo?
A:  yes MOQ  20pcs.no extra fee.
Q:  Can i customzie different color for the connector or cable?
A:   Yes ,besides black,we can make in blue,orange,green,grey. MOQ 200pcs.no extra fee.
Q:   How long is the lead time?
for sample order,we can ship in 2to 5days

for volume order,7~10days.  4 weeks for customizing logo or color.

Q:   What shipping method do you use?
A:  For less than 100KG goods,we normally ship by DHL/UPS/FedEx and other special airline.
     Over 100KG,we ship by air or by sea.
Q:  Where is your factory located?
A:  KeyanErlu,Yizheng,Yangzhou,Jiangsu Province, China.  Warmly welcome to visit us.