10S-24S 4A battery active equalizer

Battery Queen 10S-24S 4A Super capacitor battery active equalizer


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10-24S 4A Super capacitor active equalizer with Bluetooth



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The basic principle of the active equalization technology is to use the ultra-pole capacitor as a temporary energy storage medium, charge the battery with the highest voltage to the ultra-pole capacitor, and then release the energy from the ultra-pole capacitor to the battery with the lowest voltage. equal. The constant current DC-DC technology ensures that the current is constant regardless of whether the battery is charged or discharged. The advantages of this equalization solution are as follows:

1. Each time the energy is transferred, the highest compensation is taken to the lowest, which avoids invalid charge and discharge cycles and has almost no impact on battery life.

2. Cross-flow DC-DC technology ensures a constant equalization current, and will not affect the equalization ability due to the small voltage difference between the batteries.

3. It takes only two energy transfer processes to complete the equalization of the battery from high to low, and the equalization efficiency is not affected by the distance between the batteries, which greatly improves the equalization efficiency. The average efficiency is 0.95 squared to approximately 0.9.