20kW Hybrid Inverter / Three-phase

20kw Three-phase Energy Storage InverterSuitable for medium and big-sized commercial and household systems; intelligent switching on/off20kW 

20kw Three-phase Energy Storage Inverter

Suitable for medium and big-sized commercial and household systems; intelligent switching on/off
20kW Hybrid Inverter / Three-phase

Model: JEY-EST-20kw inverter

Easy Installation, ultra-silent, IP65 protection

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power


PV Input and Output

Max. PV input power(W)26000
Max. PV input voltage(V)1000
MPP Operation Voltage Range(V)180-900
No. of MPPTs4
Max. number of PV strings per MPPT2/2
Max. PV input current(A)23/23
Short-circuit current of PV input(A)25/25
Start up voltage(V)180

Battery Input

Max Input/Output Voltage(V)700
Operating Voltage Range(V)180-700
Max Charge/Discharge Current(A)50/50
Max Input/Output Power(W)20000/20000
Battery TypeLi-ion/Lead-acid

AC Input and Output

Rated Power(W)20000
Max. Apparent AC Power(VA)20000
Nominal AC Voltage(Vac)380,3L/N/PE
AC Power Frequency(Hz)50/60
Max. AC Output Current(A)31
Rated Current Output(A)31
Power Factor Range~1 (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to0.8 lagging)
OutputTHDi(@Nominal Output)<3%

Off-Grid AC Output(Back-up ACOutput)

Rated Output Power(W)20000
Max. Apparent AC Output Power(VA)20000
Nominal AC Output Voltage(Vac)380,3L/N/PE
AC Power Frequency(Hz)50/60
Max. AC Output Current(A)31

Genaral Data

Operating Temperature Range-25℃ …+60℃(>45℃ derating)
Operating Altitude(m)<4000
Cooling MethodIntelligent Fan
Ingress Protection RatingIP65
Relative Humidity0-100%, no condensation
DC Connection TypeMC/Amphenol/Phoenix
AC Connection TypePlug-in Connector
Communication With PortalRS485 (WiFi/GPRS Optinal)
Communication With BMSCAN
Communication With MeterRS485
Mounting MethodWall-mounting bracket
Dimensions (W*H*D)(mm)505*630*220


On-Grid standardAS4777.2,NRS097-2-1:2017

Country of origin

Country of originMade In China