Which Lithium Battery Brand is the Best

2023-07-20 17:36:41 Deligreen 317

Thundersky Winston brand "water-based lithium power battery", known as the "king of battery". 

In terms of technology and practicality, it is in the leading position in the same industry. It shows the advantages of hydrogen pure electric power train, specially charging the "mobile" waterborne lithium sulfur battery for 30 minutes, and the 1300 km car, and bus become a reality; and its anode active substance can be charged and discharged repeatedly thousands of times in REDOX, and the battery service life is more than 1 million kilometers.

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Deligreen is the official distributor of Winston Thundersky battery. 

In recent years, many countries in the world use hydrogen and oxygen fuel cell as energy, and develop a variety of style clean energy vehicles, but only hydrogen energy can not drive a taxi car to walk normally, it is necessary to match a set of battery pack in parallel on the hydrogen and oxygen fuel cell to walk normally.

Thundersky Winston has an intelligent energy storage charging station with independent intellectual property rights. This intelligent energy storage charging station, on the one hand, solves the problem of large-scale, heavy load and fast charging, and paves the way for the commercial operation mode of pure electric vehicles. On the other hand, it is of great significance to the "peak shifting and valley filling" of the power system, to improve the balance of power demand and to ensure the safe operation of the power grid.