Urgent Notice: Do not click and upgrade BMS

2022-12-26 11:09:34 Deligreen 224

Dear clients, distributors, Deligreen/Daly BMS users,

Thanks for your trust!

You may be using the BMS from us or from Daly, and find everything goes well ! 

But one moment when you are checking the battey information on Smart BMS APP at your cosy sofa, you may find a reminder "Software Upgrade" on the page, and are going to click it, please don't do it !!!! Please don't click the Software Upgrade !!!


As it's an unfinished software window operated by software engineers, it may cause the loss of BMS program and make your BMS stop working if you click it. 

Software engineers have stayed at home due to COVID affection before they could finish the upgrade. 

At the moment, all of APP will display the reminder. Please just leave it and ignore it.

If you have clicked it and caused BMS stop working, please contact us as soon as you can.

Best regards,

Deligreen Team