Dangerous heat waves striking the world

2022-07-23 00:28:04 Deligreen 629

Around the world, people are struggling to deal with dangerous heat waves.

In many places, the temperatures are far above normal for this time of year, and governments are working hard to protect their people from the worst effects of the heat.


Massive Heat Wave Covers Much of the United States

People in these areas are encouraged to stay indoors if they don’t need to go out.

Governments in many large cities have set up “cooling centers” to give people a place to escape the high temperatures.


Extreme Heat in Spain, France, and Portugal

Some countries in Europe are facing their second heat wave so far this year. In May, temperatures in Spain and France set records. Now another heat wave has struck, long before mid-summer, when hot weather is much more common. Currently, Spain, France, and Portugal are the countries most affected.

 Some areas aren’t only facing extreme heat, but also a lack of rain. Many regions in France have been forced to limit water use. In Portugal, 97% of the country is considered to be in “extreme drought”.

Heat Wave After Heat Wave in India, Pakistan and China


India and Pakistan have been suffering from heat waves since March. India’s capital, New Delhi has gone through six heat waves, with the worst temperatures reaching 120ºF (49ºC).

Much of India has now cooled off, but northern India and Pakistan are still struggling with high temperatures.

Pakistan has seen similar temperatures. But the situation in Pakistan has been made worse by power cuts. Pakistan is suffering from a fuel shortage. That’s because Russia’s war on Ukraine has created a high demand for fuel worldwide.

Pakistan’s lack of fuel has led to blackouts for up to 12 hours in places, meaning people are often unable to use fans or air conditioning to stay cool.

The heat wave has also overloaded the electricity system, posed fire risks and led to droughts in southern parts of China.

It is too early to say what part the climate crisis is playing in these heat waves. But in general, climate change is expected to make such heat waves more common, longer, and more severe.

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