Rechargeable 3.2V 280AH LiFePO4 grade A battery at better price

2021-12-01 10:01:46 Deligreen 1652

   Rechargeable 3.2V 280AH LiFePO4 battery is one of the most popular cells that our customers consult and buy.  They are the main large capacity cells widely used for DIY to assemble a battery bank . 4PCS 3.2V280Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell is the most basic choice.

   As more and more customers have the knowledge of grade A, grade B or other grades, they have higher requirement for the battery. Here we have a text to demonstrate the difference between them. Click here and review it.

   And another element people care about is the price. This is normal mentality to buy the goods at a good price. But here is the question, is there Rechargeable 3.2V 280AH LiFePO4 grade A battery sold at a better price ?

   Yes, we have.  REPT280 3.2V 280AH LiFePO4 Grade A battery. Why can you keep it at a lower price than most seller in the market ? Because we keep it in stock for two months, just before the raw material and Chinese industry electricity-limitation policy imposed. 

   Stud terminal, brand new.The stock is limited. The minimum order quantity is 4 pieces. For 16 pieces, you can get a better price. For more information, please leave message according to the website or contact directly with us (Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 132- 5748-0995; email: 

   REPT is a first-class brand in power battery and storage battery. In the early of this year REPT invest 1.64 billion US dollars to the construction of manufacturing base for power and energy storage lithium-ion battery and system. This project is supported greatly by the government. It’s annual production capacity reach 30GWh.

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Deligreen Power

Photo: Signing ceremony of manufacturing base construction between Rept and government