Four Exporting Companies Getting Together this September

2021-09-27 18:40:04 Deligreen 1134

On September 2, four companies had a team building in "Xinwen" Hotel,Changsha.

The sponsor is Deligreen. 

Over 50 people attended the activity and last over 5hours.

September is a "golden" month for all companies who do oversea business.

Most importers do purchasing in septermber and keep enough stock for the coming black friday and Christmas and new year.

We all wish this september is a fruitful month for all of us.

So we got together. The team activity have 4 parts:

Playing games, award ceremony, having dinner and Kick off meeting.


The participating companies come from different fields like Consumer Electronics, 

Outdoor sports Equipment and Heavy Machinery and Accessories. 

Including Deligreen, all these companies have much growth and expansion in 2021.

This meeting is not only for the exchange of experience to promote oversea customer service, 

but also for a start of sales match between DELIGREEN and our rival company.


Both teams and members has made up their mind to set up a higher sales target.

Everyone is ready to devote their energy and time for achieving their goal.

Deligreen team will try their best to win the challenge.

Now let's enjoy the photos about the activity:



Deligreen service team

Can you call their name?

If you support Deligreen team, if you want Deligreen team win the game, please support Deligreen.

Your support in September will be much more special and important than any other moments.

Deligreen team will be more grateful to you and maybe you will receive big pleasant surprise as well!


Deligreen team made a bet with another company:

Each team has a sales target. the winner is the one whose completion rate is higher.

Each team's target is full of chanllenge and not easy to reach.

The competition is aiming at enouraging staff being brave towards chanllenge and realize the goal that seems impossible.

The competition is aiming at inspire everyone 's passion and potentiality.

When our staff is being a better team, our customers will benifit a lot: professional support, excellent service....

Our competitor: They have a funny name "Don't Worry" 


Playing games: Did you play this game before? Welcom join us. We have many different funny games.


The Champion of August .They also compete with "Don't worry " this August.


Super september promotion


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