A Challenging Travel 2000+KM,4000+M Altitude ,Deligreen made it!

2021-07-15 10:25:43 Deligreen 134

July3~10,Deligreen sales team traveled to Western Sichuang and Yunnan.They are Mandy,Lucky, Anna,April and Yuki and three kids.

This trip is a reward for the hardworking of 2020.We reached our sales goal.They have all worked in Deligreen company over 2 years.

Kids are on summer vocation.That’s why we often arrange our trip in July.

Last year,we also traveled in July in Qinghai.

There are other new team members joined in 2021.You will see more nice faces in the trip in next year.

Let's enjoy the photos:


Inagi Aden is a famous scenic spot.Many young people are dreaming of going there.

But most people are stopped by the long distance and poor transportation conditions.

When we reach there, we need to climb many high mountains and it is risky to be stuck by some natural disaster such as landslide or mud-rock flow.

The driver told us: he was stuck by mud flow for 3days and nights. What a nightmare.

Fortunately we were only blocked for about one hour.

Most of the time are on the way. Every day need to travel more than 300KM.We felt sooooo tired!

Looking back the trip,how brave and strong our people are,especially the kids!

Yuki has acute mountain sickness. The altitude we reach are around 2000M~4500M.

But she stick to the end and smile in the end .


Now it's time to hold your breathe and open your eyes.

Let the wonderful scenery touch your heart and clean your eyes ;-D

You may heard some of the name : Lugu lake, which is one of the biggest inner lake located in Sichuang and Yunnan


There are a plenty of special food . i can guess you can't help to make your mouth water.


If you come to China some day, you can experience by yourself. it will be much more "challenging" than just reading our post.

That's all of our sharing about our travel. If you have any funny trip please share with us.

Now we are back to work now.

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