4 Points to last the lifespan of lithium battery

2023-04-28 11:48:00 Deligreen 134

Cycle life refers to how many times the battery can withstand full charge and full discharge under a certain charge and discharge system before the battery capacity is reduced to a certain specified value. 

With each cycle completed, the battery capacity decreases a little bit, and the battery life decreases. Cycle life is not equal to the number of charges. If multiple charge are times in a charge-discharge cycle, it is actually one cycle in terms of battery loss.

For example, a lithium-ion battery uses only half the battery that day and then charged it. If it’s the same situation next day, it counts as one charging cycle, not two.

So, it can usually take charging several times to complete a cycle.

In fact, the quality of the battery pack is not only related to the battery cell, but also related to the sorting of the battery, and the BMS board monitoring level.

Deligreen BMS, DALY BMS are with strong function to monitor and protect the battery.

In order to extend the battery life, some users charge the battery every time when the battery power is completely exhausted. Can this really extend the life of lithium battery?

In fact, with each charging cycle completed, the battery capacity is relatively reduced. However, the battery capacity reduction is very small and does not affect the normal performance of the battery.

Now high quality lithium battery after multiple cycles of charge and discharge, the battery capacity can still reach more than 80%.


Picture from a dear Deligreen client who uses the parallel BMS to build large battery system with CAN communication with Victron inverter.

4 Points to last the lifespan of lithium battery

Charging every day

Because the lithium battery after use is in a shallow cycle state, charging every day will prolong the life of the lithium battery of electric vehicles.

Charge in time

The lithium battery will enter the vulcanization process  after discharge, if charged in time, it can remove the not serious vulcanization.

Therefore, the lithium battery should be charged as soon as possible after use, as far as possible to make the battery power in a full state.

Regular deep discharge

A regular deep discharge of the battery also helps to "activate" the battery, which slightly increases the capacity of the battery. The general method is to fully discharge the battery on a regular basis.

Use a high-quality battery charger