Awarding Ceremony for the PK Battle of September -Amazing

2020-10-12 19:15:56 Deligreen 66

Today Oct 12,2020 ,Deligreen held an Awarding Ceremony. 

We had a PK competition with another company. 

During the whole September, the whole team is even more passionate than usual.

Everyone has a goal, and very anxious to reach their goal.

Everyone wants to win and want to the top sales.

Everyone worked even harder than before. 

After one months' hard working, our target completion rate is 116%. That is really a magic.

We are very excited about the result. 

at the beginning of September,we thought it is really a big big challenge to realize this goal.

Thanks for all customers' trust and support. Thanks for team member's efforts. Thanks for the "competitor" 



Everything is possible, only if you believe it and take action, you can make it!

During the Awarding ceremony, Mandy gave a speech.

She emphsize "Customer always comes first". 

Customers' satisfaction is the life of our company.

Every member must keep it in mind. 


Deligreen team turnover of this September increase 60.5% compared to Sepmber of 2020.

We will keep on being stronger to return our customer and staff.