Deligreen Team Building Activity-BBQ

2020-04-27 13:03:07 Deligreen 71

On April 25,Deligreen team had a Barbecue.

We went to the super market and bought all the food,fruit and snacks on April24.

Thanks our colleauge Anna provided a great place for us.The barbecue was held at her home in the suburbs.

It is a great day-Sunny and windy. Every April and May ,September and Octber, are the golden months that you travel in China.

Now let's enjoy the photos:

This is the first time of outgoing team activity during 2020. We choose the suburbs where is not crowded and quiet, and safe.

We are such a group of people who love our job and also love to travelling and going outing for fun.This is the life!

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WOW so yummy! Have a try? ;-D

Beef is the most popular !

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Nice food can make us happy.


Deligreen mission: Drive the world with green energy. We never forget this mission since 2010.

During the special days, confidence is worth more than diamonds. we share this slogan with all the friends in the world.

We are always with you no matter it is sunny days or difficult days. 

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