Top Balancing LiFePO4 Battery Cells: A Voltage Dilemma Solved!

2024-05-14 19:01:57 Deligreen 1018

Are you pondering over the correct voltage to top balance your LiFePO4 battery cells? 

You're not alone! A common conundrum faced by many in our industry is whether to top balance at 3.6V or 3.7V,

 especially when the ideal 3.65V isn't an option on many DC power supplies.
✅ At Deligreen Power, we've tackled this question head-on. We dive deep into the nuances of top balancing. 

The verdict? While 3.7V might exceed the rated maximum voltage of LiFePO4 cells, it's not disastrously high.

 However, why take the risk when longevity is your goal?

 Opt for 3.6V — it's sufficient to achieve top balance, 

ensuring your cells reach near 100% SOC without pushing them over their voltage limit.

The article outlines a meticulous process to top balance at this safer voltage, 

ensuring your battery's health and your peace of mind.
The steps include:
1.Parallel charging cells at 3.4V or 3.5V.
2.Fine-tuning the charge to 3.6V as the voltage rises.
3.Monitoring the charging current until it's close to zero.
4.(Optionally) charging again at 3.6V to confirm that balance is achieved.
By following these guidelines, you can expect a battery cell SOC of over 99.9% — a mark of true top balance.
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