12v LiFePO4 Battery for EV to Start?

2023-11-13 18:01:24 Deligreen 623

As winter comes, do you have such confusion? Many electric cars work weak when starting, when running, they are also "weak". 

Especially in the cold snowy north, electric car "nesting" at home  often happened, which caused trouble to many users. 

The root reason is lead-acid battery.

How can this happen? You know, those lithium ion batteries for driven power are located in the chassis of the car,providing high voltage. While lead-acid battery is for starting the vehicle, only 12v. 

They are not the same application. 

The lead-acid battery of fuel vehicles is not only vulnerable to temperature changes, but also easy to lose electricity, with short life, large volume and heavy weight, and need regular maintenance, which is two to three years, or three to five years. The cost of replacing has upset many car owners.

By the time the owner realized the battery should be replaced, often he or she has been pulled down by the battery, for example, no longer running when it restarts after using. 

The cost of moving the car is not a small expense too.

In addition to the poor user experience, lead-acid batteries can also cause significant pollution to the environment. 

As the main raw material, "lead" is a toxic substance. Once leaked in the production, use or recycling link, it will cause serious pollution to the soil, air and water sources, and even cause great harm to the human body.

With the development and progress of science and technology, the disadvantages of lead-acid battery gradually appear in front of people. 

Due to the low cost, strong compatibility and other reasons, it is still used by many new energy vehicle manufacturers.

Through technological innovation, Winston Thundersky took the place of lead acid battery by using lithium iron phosphate for start batteries to eliminate lead-acid batteries, realizing the vehicle lead-free and helping green and low-carbon development.

Lithium iron phosphate starting battery has a long life, and the charge and discharge cycles can reach more than 3000 times, which is equivalent to the same life of the vehicle. It lets the user no longer worry about the battery which needs to be replaced regularly. There is no need to replace the start battery lifelong. Both worry and money are saved.


(12v90Ah Winston Thundersky Battery for EV start )

Achieving green environmental protection, benefiting the majority of new energy vehicle users, and promoting world new energy vehicle industry, for green and low-carbon environmental protection further.