How to Do Battery Pack Assembly?

2023-12-27 18:51:31 Deligreen 1054

How to Do Battery Pack Assembly?

The battery pack assembly process reflects our commitment to quality and efficiency. 

Let's dive into the details:

Step 1: Wheels Mounting begins with precision, 

ensuring mobility with M6 * 14 hexagon Philip screws and setting torque to perfection.

Step 2: Cell Placing employs EVA tape for cell separation and epoxy sheet for structural integrity.

Step 3: Top Bracket Installation involves careful alignment and securing with hexagon Philips screws, 

ensuring robust connections with aluminum rows and gaskets.

Step 4: PCB board Installation enhances control and safety, 

affixing the board with precision and connecting lug connectors for seamless performance.

Step 5: BMS Installation, a critical step for battery management, 

is meticulously executed for optimal monitoring and energy efficiency.

Each step combines technical expertise with high-quality materials, 

resulting in a product ready to transform the home energy storage landscape. 

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