Large Cylindrical LiFePO4 50Ah Battery

F60 Series Large cylindrical LiFePO4 50Ah Batteries  LiFePO4 100AhAqueous L-ion BatteryEco-friendly cost-efficent,high safetyLow Pressure Relief Valve SystemAir-out, decompress, anti-explosi

F60 Series Large cylindrical LiFePO4 50Ah Batteries  LiFePO4 100Ah

Aqueous L-ion Battery

Eco-friendly cost-efficent,high safety

Low Pressure Relief Valve System

Air-out, decompress, anti-explosion

Reform the production Process

Simplify procedures , high efficiency, high quality

R&D team solved the production problems of aqueous Li-ion battery effectivelyimproved the battery safety performance.

The world's first 15 procedures of lithium-ion battery production can effectively reduce the potential danger of human mistake on quality and safety.

The F60 series large cylindrical Lithium-ion batteries, with high performance, can apply with energy storage,base station, electric vehicle , marine, construction machinery, etc.