10KW 48V 200Ah wall mounted battery pack

Nominal Voltage:51.2V -16S Nominal Capacity: 196AH Nominal energy: 10 kWh

10KWh 51.2V 200Ah LiFePO4 lithium battery solar energy storage system 

with low temperature protection has the advantages of large capacity, high power,with Low Temperature Protection

Nominal Voltage:51.2V -16S

Nominal Capacity: 196AH 

Nominal energy: 10 kWh

Operation voltage range:40.0V-57.6V

Standard charge current: 40A

Max. Continuous charge current:100A

Standard discharge current: 40A

Max. Continuous discharge current:100A

Temperature sensor protection: 65℃

Charging temperature: 0~45℃

Working Temperature: -20~60℃

Over-current Fuse: 120A

Cycle life: 6000 times(80%DOD )

Communication: RS485/RS232/CAN

Box Size:673*618.5*193 ±1mm (L*W*T)

Weight (KGS): 89 ±0.5KGS

1. Friendly Environment Battery : LiFePO4 

2. Calender life: 10 years 

3. Superior “Usable” Capacity 

4. Extended Cycle Life 

5. Low self discharge 

6. Fast & Efficient Charging 

7. Very Little Wasted Energy 

8. NO maintenance requirements 

9. Size & Weight Advantages 

10. In parallel: Max. 15 uits 

Matched Hybrid and OFF grid Inverter: 

SMA, Studer, Victron, Schneider, Growatt, Sofar,Sol-Ark, Deye, Sungrow,Solis, Solax Goodwe,Voltronics,Sorotech, SRNE, and etc