How on-board charger protects battery ?

2022-09-30 11:57:25 Deligreen 334

The charging of the electric car depends on three components and its speed will always be determined by the weakest link of the chain. These three components are a charging station, a charging cable and an on-board charger. The least known of these three is the on-board charger. Onboard charger (OBC) that is built in the car. 

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How does charging work? 

There are two basic types of charging, you can use either direct current or alternating current. If AC power is used, from the outlet or from the AC charging station, the current passes through the charging cable to the on-board charger, which converts the AC current to DC and sends it to the battery via the Battery Management System (BMS).

Role of an on-board charger? 

Above all, the on-board charger allows you to control the current and voltage at which the battery needs to be charged (Voltage or Current Control Mode), thus taking care of the battery lifespan. The charger offers either constant current or constant voltage charging, both of which are easy to operate. And each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of constant current charging, there is high efficiency and charging speed, but there is a risk that the battery will be overcharged at a later stage, and its lifespan reduced. In the case of constant voltage charging, there is a risk that too much current will flow into the battery from the beginning, which will heat the battery too much and shorten its lifespan again. Thus, the charger ensures that it is initially charged with a constant current, thus maintaining speed and efficiency, and when the voltage at both ends of the battery reaches a certain amplitude, it changes to constant voltage charging. This system is called the charging strategy and it is the most important function of the on-board charger.

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What models of on-board chargers are available?

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