Deligreen Newly arrived and stock in Shenzhen

2022-05-09 15:42:30 Deligreen 1219

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Below are the hot-selling products, lithium battery cell, EV charger and battery pack.

TC charger: 1.8kw 3.3kw 6.6kw on board charger in stock:

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power

Hot seller: 

3.2V LiFePO4 battery cell:

1image.pngEVE 280Ah

brand new, newly produced, with intact QR code,

screw terminal & stud terminal are availble

Internal resistance:0.16-0.18 


brand new,  fresh produced, with intact QR code

stud terminal

3image.pngCALB 100Ahbrand new, with intact QR code, real capacity 105Ah,
stud terminal
higher cost-effective

3.7V LTO battery cell:

1image.pngLTO 35Ahbrand new, 
original stud terminal
2image.pngLTO 40Ahbrand new,
original stud terminal

New arrival:  Deligreen family engergy storage series:



Deligreen Power

Deligreen Power


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