How do Ukrainian people order batteries from us?

2022-11-30 19:26:10 Deligreen 217

Hello Deligreen team,

I live in Ukraine and now we have problems with electricity in private houses and apartments.

Many people want to have a backup power supply.

Do you have batteries in EU stock ?

How can we order 3.2V 120Ah LiFePO4 batteries from you ?

Thanks for your help !



Since the early November, we have received many requests like this from Ukraine people.

We also asked ourselves: How can we help  Ukraine people struggle with the energy shortage when they are in blackout.

Here is what we do :

We organized and chose the reliable delivery channels.

We sent batteries to Poland warehouse.

So if you want to help Ukraine people, please tell them that:

Deligreen has the ability and has sent many batteries to Poland and Ukraine since the early November,2022.

How can you order batteries from us ?

1. Send us your detailed delivery address with post code in Ukarine.

We can check whether the area is with delivery. 90% of areas, yes !

2. Send us the battery capacity and quality you need. 

The most is 120Ah, and 280Ah. CATL, EVE are available. 

3. Send us the delivery way you prefer.

It takes around 45 days by sea, 15 days by air to your Ukraine address, DDP term.

4. We can make a quotation for you.

Questions you may be concerned about:

1. Can I pick up batteries from Deligreen's Poland warehouse ?

Yes, you can. 

2. What batteries are there in Deligreen's Poland warehouse ?

EVE 280Ah lf280k lifepo4 battery.

3. What's the delivery time ?

There are two batches reaching Poland warehouse. Some are pre-ordered. The stock is changing hour by hour. Please contact us for detailed information.

Hope we can help you !