EVE280Ah lf280k has a B on QR code ?

2022-04-28 16:54:37 Deligreen 1457

QR code is an important part when you buy cells.

Can you guess what the QR code belongs to ?

280K QRcode.jpg

Yes, its easy., EVE280Ah, LF280K~!


How about this one ?

EVE280K  B.jpg

Yes, its still EVE280Ah, lf280k cell.

Wait a moment! 

Why is there a big B on the QR code ? Whats wrong ? Is it grade B cell ?


This will be the most common question you will post when you buy lf280k cells. 

Lets start from one year ago...

3.2V LiFePO4 280Ah battery is always solar system enthusiasts favorite, especially EVE 280Ah.

In 2021, a type of EVE280Ah--lf280k came into the market. People were attracted by its 6000 times cycle life, which is the most significant feature.

Thus, lf280k has become the hit since then.


Affected by word of mouth, people only accept this type lf280k.

So hows about the former type EVE280Ah, 280N ? It may be out of stock and never been produced.


A question you may wonder: Is there grade A lf280k ?

Answer it quickly.

Yes. There is grade A lf280k.


Then how can we judge it ? 

The cells look the same from the appearance. Most of us dont have professional machines to test. Most of us may find it hard to trust what the sales said.

EVE battery manufacturer also considered the question. They found it hard to sell grade A at the price grade at which grade A cells should be, because distributors sold lf280k at a much lower price.

So an idea has came up.

In order to distinguish grade A lf280k and grade B lf280k,

Grade B lf280k will be laser printed a big B on the QR code.


What does it mean ?

It means its brand new, never used lf280k cell, full capacity, with deep cycle life,as well as the one people bought last year.


Grade A cell is hard to get for individuals. For this part, please click the article below,which is a topic we discussed before.

  What's difference among Grade A ,Grade A- and Grade B?

Good news! We have EV280Ah lf280k (without B) stock in EU and US warehouse.

Contact us now to order them ! 

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