Deligreen Power VS MAX Song

2022-09-02 10:29:36 Deligreen 682

On the afternoon of Aug 31 , Deligreen team and MAXSOON team held a party together. It was a starting conference, as two teams have a business competition from Sep1 till Sep30.

We battle team’s sales turnover completion rate.  The one whose completion rate is higher is the winner. We call the “battle” as “PK”. Each year we hold twice of such activities in every march and September.

The whole team are having high expectation for the September and wish to have an outstanding result.

Through many times PK, the team has become more and more united, more passionate,more hard working.

What’s new and funny in the party?

Let’s enjoy the photos.

Team games

 1662080059848951.jpg 1662080059837701.jpg      

1662043096424408.jpg     1662043096313243.jpg

Flag ceremony


Mandy gave a speech


Sales team announce their goal and show their determination

1662044085374582.jpg     1662044596802938.jpg

Group photo and happy ending


Click to view the past PK

Maybe you are wondering:

Why do you have PK? What is the meaning of PK for us?

PK is a kind of culture.

PK is a kind of positive and enterprising spirit that dare to challenge high goals.

PK is a team spirit of striving for team honor.

PK is a kind of perseverance that never gives up in order to achieve the goal.

If you can support us,that would be highly appreciated.

You will never disappointed with such a team who serve you.

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