Which is better, on-grid or off-grid solar?

2021-10-18 10:45:52 Deligreen 1043

When you are considering the solar power systems, there are several factors you need to know.

So the answer may be whichever system suits you better is the better.

You will get your own answer after reading the form.

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 Grid-tied solar power systems

Off-grid solar power systems

power grid

Your home is still connected to the local power grid

There is no tie-in to the utility lines

electricity origin

1. the power grid

2. production of your solar panels

1.power from your panels

2.energy they’ve stored in batteries

3.additional power generators

cost & location

the least expensive and most popular option for homeowners who live in close proximity to the power grid.


most popular for remote locations where the cost of extending power lines becomes a key factor. 

Generally, ≥100 yards from the power grid


1. the lowest upfront costs 

2. the easiest to integrate into your current way of living 

3. extra energy can be sent back to the grid in exchange for electricity credits

1. environmental friendly  

2. high energy efficiency

3. work best for low electricity demand homes


They will not provide power during an outage without additional equipment like an energy storage device, even if the sun is shining.

This is to protect the utility workers who need the lines to be dead to safely complete their repairs.

more complex because it is highly recommended to include a battery storage system, backup generator, or both.